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We are a specialist large-sized aluminum company manufacturing products of unique quality through adherence to all the major quality certifications to ensure long lasting and durable products. ALUSYNCO has therefore partnered some of the largest aluminum manufacturing firms in Europe. These include; SCHUCO, RAYNAERS, SKY FRAME, ETEM and ELVIAL.

During its many years of operation in Greece, ALUSYNCO successfully executed many challenging projects like Olympic Facilities, residential complexes, a large number of hotel renovations as well as other projects situated in Albania (the Orthodox Cathedral in Tirana and the Arsakeio Private School), etc.

In the past five (5) years ALUSYNCO has established a well-known presence in Ghana collaborating with some of the leading construction companies to execute some major projects.

These include;

  • Micheletti Company Ltd:
  1. New French Embassy-Accra (completed)
  2. Hitachi Building-Accra (completed)
  3. Metka-Takoradi (completed)
  4. Freegate Luxery Apartments-Takoradi (completed)
  • Signum:
  1. Tse Addo, Accra -6 Phases-18 Houses(completed)
  2. Tse Addo Accra -Kadidja Project-60 houses(on-going)
  • Acticon Ghana:
  1. Sakumono-Accra 12 block building * 16 apartments(192 apartments)
  2. Nyaho Clinic – Extension and Department Renovations
  • The Oxford, Apollonia City, Accra – 400 House Project (on-going)
  • Vanguard Properties:
  1. Cantonments Villas, Accra (10 Villas)
  • Livlug Properties

  1. The Knightbridge (on-going)

Our products are manufactured with quality as our hallmark coupled with the many years of experience to bring you the best of service with satisfaction guaranteed.

What makes Alusynco Aluminium Systems unique?

1. We create the right conditions for a high level Service.

2. We have valuable know-how and we can help you to find the right solution to your construction.

3. We follow a tight schedule in order to deliver on time.

4. Our customer relationship is based on one principal: “To keep our customer satisfied”.

5. Our team can carry out any demanding architectural project.

6. The oustanding Quality of our products make your construction stand out.

7. A wide variety of solutions in Doors and Windows make your life easier..