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Quality and precision in the manufacturing proccess lead to products of high durability with a unique finishing.


The company was established in 2014 by very experienced professionals in the aluminium industry with the aim to be the reference point in the windows construction field.
ALUSYNCO, comes from a well-known Greek aluminium construction company, Alpak S.A.
During its many years of operation in Greece, the company fulfilled many demanding projects such as Olympic Facilities, many residential complexes and a large number of hotel renovations , as well as other projects situated in Albania, such as the orthodox cathedral in Tirana, Arsakeio Private school etc.
In recent years ALUSYNCO has established a well-known presence in Ghana’s leading projects. Many international and local companies have put their trust in the quality of our materials, our outstanding experience and innovative solutions for making their projects stand out.


The main concern of ALUSYNCO is to manufacture products of unique quality, fulfilling all the major quality certifications in order to ensure long lasting and durable products. Therefore
ALUSYNCO’s main suppliers are among the largest firms in Europe, like SCHUCO, RAYNAERS, SKY FRAME, ETEM, ELVIAL, etc .








At Alusynco, we have a set of five values which operate as a system, reflecting and shaping our behaviours and organisational culture:

ONE: We work collaboratively towards a common purpose and shared goals.

BOLD: We embrace change and innovation to help our clients, our colleagues, and ourselves.

HUMAN: We are authentic in our interactions and communicate openly, honestly, and respectfully.

STRIVE: We deliver the best possible outcomes for our clients and take pride in our work built on quality and integrity.

HEART: We care for each other, our clients, and communities – understanding that empathy makes us stronger.

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